When creating a new listing REsearch may display a warning message if it sees a previously withdrawn listing on the parcel.




Other situations:

Multiple listings on the same parcel number

An example would be in business listings such as within a shopping center the same TMK will need to be used. If there is an existing Active listing and subsequent listings are being entered, all new listings will automatically carry over the DOM from the original.
In these situations please email or call support to manually review and reset the DOM.

Toll Free: 1-800-628-3121 ext. 1
Direct: 599-4224 ext. 1

Office transfers – Listings only

When an owner wants to switch listing offices the DOM will reset back to zero.
A new listing contract needs to be in place and the original listing needs to be withdrawn or expired. The new office does not need to wait 30 days to activate the listing to begin at zero.


Office transfers – Agents and Listings

In situations where an agent transfers offices AND transfers the same listing/MLS listing number the DOM on the existing listing will reset to zero.
When an agent transfers offices the listing contract is updated and is now the responsibility of a new PB. The system views this as a new listing.
The previous PB could also withdraw the original listing and the agent or new PB could create a new listing and the DOM will start at zero without waiting 30 days.


Back on Market

If the goal is to reset the Days on Market do not use Back on Market. Back on Market will keep the same MLS number and resume the DOM where it left off. You need to create a new listing with a new MLS number for the days to start at Zero.

For futher information please see: Days On Market (DOM) definition and reset/carry over policy

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