When you are unable to locate your listing on sites such as Zillow.com or Realtor.com, you will first want to double check your listing.



  • Seller Authorizes Internet Display needs to be selected as “I Agree” in order for the system to included the listing in the feed.



  • You may also want to double check with your PB that the office has not opted out of a particular syndication option.

PB and support accounts only



  • We have experienced a few issues with websites having trouble with our local listings. Land listings with no street numbers or CPR’s that are not actual condo projects are just two examples that “confuse” some websites. Zillow, for example, views subsequent listings with same addresses as duplicates and only displays the first one it receives. Please contact the website in question as they are usually very helpful in these situations.



If you are having difficulty locating a listing, you may also try the method of looking up the listing agent.
Ex: Google search for: Zillow John doe Hawaii
Sites usually display all listings under the agent’s profile.



**Zillow apparently does not allow for URL’s within their remarks section. If your listing included a URL, Zillow has been known to suppress the entire remarks section. There is no known workaround. Please remove the URL from the remarks. Zillow should then display the remarks when they refresh their data.


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