Here are the steps to take within REsearch once you have the a link to your virtual tour


1. In the Main Menu click on Listings
or expand Listings and click on Listings Menu





2. Within the Listings Menu locate the Manage Photos & More category
Click on Tours




3. Enter your MLS number or click Select Listing and then select your MLS number
Click Continue



4. Review the entry page.
Click on I Agree after reading the tour agreement
Type in or paste your tour URL
Click Update when finished



The tour icon will now be attached to your listing.



  • Hawaii Information Service does not host virtual tours. Agents will simply attach the tour link to their listing.

  • Please find a third party virtual tour company or third party video hosting site. They will provide you with a link to your media which can then be attached to a listing.


Updating an existing virtual tour URL




Deleting a virtual tour from a listing


2 Responses to “(MLS) Virtual Tours – Attaching new / updating / deleting”

  1. Ami


    With 3D tours as an industry norm, will there be an option for listings to have a link for a video, AND a link to a 3D tour soon?

    • Raun


      Thanks for the question. At this time the thought is agents will choose to use either, not both, of the tour formats. If there is more interest by other agents we can start a discussion.

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