* , asterisk, or wildcard is a special symbol that may be used in most of our “free-typing” and “find” search fields.
Use the wildcard when you only know a partial number or only part of a name. You will also want to use the wildcard when trying to find results that have something in common.


Say your client is not familiar with the local street names and thinks the property they are looking for is “2424 something aloha st.”.
You would fill in the 2424 in the Street Number field then use “*aloha” in the Street field. This tells the system you are requesting all street names that include the term “aloha” even if aloha is not at the beginning of the name.

*aloha = Kealoha, Hoaloha, Kahoaloha, Pilialoha, etc.



In this scenario your buyer hit it big in Vegas and wants any street numbers that include the numbers “777”. Simply place the wildcard before the number.

*777 = 777, 1777, 2777, 12-7775, 9-1777, etc.



Now your client is looking for corner units. The project has numbered all corners ending in either a 1 or 7. Here is what your search could look like.

*1 or *7 = 101, 107, 201, 207, 1001, 1007, etc.



Another good situation to use the wildcard is in the Remarks field. If the request is simply entered as “papaya (without the wild card)”, the system will only look for remarks where the first word is papaya. We need to tell the system we want anything before and after papaya, “*papaya*”

papaya = 2 listings, ex: MLS 92340, first word of remarks is PAPAYA
*papaya* = 2000+ listings, ex: MLS 132915, sentence toward the end of remarks: “also has fruit trees papaya, pineapple,sugarcane”



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