If you cannot locate a search field on the main search page, you will find it in the Add Fields window. The Add Fields feature will give you access to every single search field in the system.


Located in the request line is the Add Fields button. Click it to open a window.



Clicking Add Fields opens up the Search Criteria window

All fields are sorted alphabetically and color coded into categories.
Scroll through the list to locate the field you are looking for. Click on the field you would like to use. The field’s selection will open to the right. Click the check mark icon when finished.

It is dimmed and grayed out but you can see your selection being added to the search request down below.


Click the Close button when finished and run your search.


You may type your request into the search box. The system will auto find the field based on the letters entered.
In the example below, the letters int have been entered. The system has found the first Interior Area (Bldg) as the closest match so far.


*The color coding of the categories can also be sorted. Located at the top of the Search Criteria box is a small + that is clickable to expand the section.
Expand this section and uncheck unwanted categories. Unchecking a category will hide all those fields making it much easier to scroll through.
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4 Responses to “Using the Add Fields feature”

  1. India Paige RB-20108


    I’ve read this several times..It doesnt explain how we
    1) add the fields in a specific place on the search page like we did in Re5
    2) Save the addition permanently in our default format, after we find the additions we need and place them under the appropriate headings.


    • Raun


      The Add Fields feature is a one time addition to the current search.

      In order to “permanently” add a search field to your main search page you will click the Customize button in the upper right of the page.
      Here is the link to the help guide for customizing your search page: Customize the search page

      • India Paige RB-20108


        Mahalo..once again I’d not seen the Customize at top right.The layout
        is designed for “wide screen” displays. In todays world of tablets, touch screens computers and mobiles…I had to “shrink” my page to 85% to see that.

      • Raun


        Hi India,

        Part of the reason for the creation of REsearch 6 is mobile response. When a user’s screen is at a certain size select features/buttons are hidden or changed. Customizing is hidden on smaller screens as we do not expect someone to be customizing on a phone. There is also the issue of dragging fields while on a touch screen. It is, as far as we know, unreliable to drag anything with a touchscreen.

        I’m not sure as to why shrinking your screen would cause the button to appear. I would expect expanding would unhide the customize button.

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