Please follow these steps in order to upload a new or to change your head shot.

Please note: Headshot images must be under the 120kb file size limit.

Recommended image size: Height of 150 pixels.

Only (Primary) PB’s and support accounts may upload/change an office logo.


  • From the main menu, select Settings



  • The REsearch Settings window will open. Select My Headshot/Logo.



  • The My Headshot/Logo window will open. Select “Choose File” located under Upload new Agent Headshot.



  • Navigate to your headshot image location. Open the file to the uploader.



  • Verify the file name. Click Upload when ready.



  • SUCCESS! You should now see the image in the preview and the Main Menu.






*Tips: If you are having trouble uploading the image the most common issue is file size.
Please make sure the file is under the 120kb limit.





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