A common issue we come across on shared accounts is “missing owner information.”

REsearch includes the ability to hide owner information and sales data.

Customer Format, when selected, hides owner information and sales data.

Customer Format is located in two locations.


Search Results:

When viewing search results click on any action button. Within the button’s bubble, customer format can be checked / unchecked




Options (Before running the search):

  1. Click the Format drop down

  2. Within the Format window, click to the Options tab

  3. Select / Unselect Customer Format





If you have just logged on and Customer Format is saved and displaying as default, this means someone has recently updated My Default Format.

In order to save the Default Format to exactly what is currently selected:

On the Format tab – click save

Do not change the Name Your Search. Leave it as My Default Format


 (until another user switches it back…)

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