Sale information is obtained from the Bureau of Conveyances and is updated almost daily.


Example Sales section

sales example


orange Date of Recording – This is the date searched when using Sale Date search fields within REsearch.

red Sale Instrument – How the property was conveyed. Ownership transfer type.

yellow Sale Grantee

green Sale Price

purple Document number
LCD – Land Court Document
B/P – Book / Page



Which search fields to use?

Sale Date

  • Sale Date – searches entire sales history regardless of dollar amount
  • Last Sale Date – search sale history by the date of the last transaction with a dollar amount.
  • Very Last Sale Date – search the last transaction regardless of the dollar amount

Sale Instrument

  • Sale Instrument Type- search all sales ever
  • Last Sale Instrument Type – Search only last (most recent) sale


Sale Grantee

  • Sale Grantee – Last name, First name
    The sale grantee section is different from the Owner field in the Property Basics section. Our TMK department only has so many characters to use in the Owner field. Multiple owners will be entered as the first person followed by ETL. For a more complete list of owners see the Sale Grantee section.
  • Sale Tenancy – Married Man, Married Woman, Tenants in Severalty, Tenants by Entirety, etc.

Sale Price

  • Sale Price – search entire sales history
  • Last Sale Price – search last (most recent) sale price
  • Very Last Price – Same as Last Sale Price
    (exists simply for continuity sake)

Document Number

  • Sale Document Number – (DOC) Enter numbers and dashes only
  • Sale Land Court Document – (LCD) Enter numbers and dashes only


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2 Responses to “(TMK) Sales section of TMK formats”

  1. Diane Paulson


    Can I pull up the median sales prices for residences only, in Kamuela HI and go back 30 years?
    Get 30 figures…. and have each year attached to that figure

    • Raun


      Hi Diane,

      REsearch can provide you with the data you are looking for but the summary format is not advanced enough to easily create the report you are looking for. You would need to export the data as a spreadsheet and use a program, such as Excel, to produce your report.

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