Where does the data come from?


Example of the Property Basics (Top portion) of a TMK Full.

  1. Situs address – The DPP assigns the parcel this address and sends it to the tax office. We gather the data from the tax office. (any discrepancies seen on the county site need to be corrected with the DPP)
  2. Owner, Tax Payer, Tax Bill address – When a parcel is initially created this information comes from the Conveyance Tax Certificate (P64). If any changes are made, such as a name change, the updated Conveyance Tax Certificate is given to us annually.
    Changes per a sale come from the BOC documents and are updated daily.
  3. Tenure – This is not included in the documentation provided to us. Our TMK department determines Tenure by reviewing the sales.
  4. Assessed Value, Annual Tax, PITT Code – updated annually. The Assessed Values are given to us by the tax office. Annual Tax is calculated per Assessed Value and PITT code.
  5. Subdivision – Determined by us per the taxkey.


*Owner: This field is manually entered by our TMK Department and they only have so many characters to work with.
If you see ETAL in the owner field, this means are other owners of this property.
Please see the Sale Grantee section for a full list of owners
Click here for our Sale Grantee help guide


DPP – Department of Planning and Permitting
BOC – Bureau of Conveyances


taxscan – Plat scan. Obtained from the counties.
Example, Oahu: ftp://gisftp.hicentral.com/Taxmaps

Land Use –

Zoning – Office of Planning

Census Tract – Office of Planning




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