When running a search you have a few choices as to what your search results will look like. The “main” formats will be one of the four TMK formats.



This guide is designed to give you a quick reference of the different TMK formats available. Please select the format which best matches your current need or if you just like the particular layout.



Example: TMK (TMK one liner as we call it in the office)
This is the best choice when viewing broad searches, faster result display time, easy to scroll though.



Example: TMK Quick
Also easy to scroll quickly though, no sale information but includes Taxbill info, building info and assessed values



Example: TMK Short
Includes everything within TMK Quick plus sales information



Example: TMK Full 
Includes everything. (except loans, permits)
TMK Full also displays when clicking on a TMK number when viewing other formats.

tmk full

*TMK Full – this format includes everything in TMK Short plus Bldg Full, DPP, Sales and Sketch
If TMK Full is selected, there is no reason to also select any of these four formats.

(Blue is already selected when using TMK Full)

It’s just a pet peeve of mine when I see users doing this… 



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