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play TMK Essentials (Part 1) The Basics 18 minutes
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play TMK Essentials (Part 2) Searching 19 minutes


play TMK Essentials (Part 3) Search results 23 minutes

  • Per page
  • Sort by
  • TMK one line – modfiy columns
  • Format drop down – Options
  • Formats
  • Combining formats
  • Next / Previous Page (11:18)
  • Show search recap
  • Customer format
  • Action buttons – Page / Checked / Not Checked
  • Basket


play TMK Essentials (Part 4) Create a CMA 8 minutes

  • Subject property Residential, Condo, Land
  • Expanding the search area


play TMK Essentials (Part 5) Downloading Spreadsheets / Custom Formats
13 minutes

  • Settings – allowing your account to use custom formats
  • Building custom formats
  • Telling the system you would like to download data
  • Download file types explained
  • Saving / loading custom built formats
  • Fill all custom cells


play TMK Essentials (Part 6) Mapping 19 minutes

  • Map Layout Settings (Sorry, forgot to cover this in the video)
  • Map pin, Parcel flags
  • Toolbar – Zoom, Measurement tools
  • Draw – Search shapes
  • Action menu – Copy, Print, etc.
  • Full Screen / Pop-out (11:00)
  • Layers
  • Basket examples


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