1. From the Main Menu select Create a CMA


2. A. Enter in your subject property’s taxkey.
B. Enter your desired date range
C. Enter in the Personalized information


3. Click Search Now to see your results.

Example CMA report:


4. Feel free to add other search parameters to narrow down the search such as beds, bath, etc.



– Personalize is not required and can be left blank.

– When entering in your subject taxkey please note the auto filled information box. If you are using a residential property the system will automatically take the living area and calculate +/- 15%. This range will be automatically added to your search request in the Total Interior Area search fields.
– If you are using a Vacant Land property the system will calculate the values based on the Land Area square footage



– The information box also states “unless you specify a Taxkey, sales will be limited to the same plat”
– If the subject property is a condo, you will see ” unless you specify a Project or Taxkey, sales will be limited to the same project”
You need to specify the area you would like to search unless you are satisfied with results being limited to either the same plat or same project.

If you need to widen the area of search please enter in a Taxkey range or any type of area/location search.
Ex: If your subject property is 1-2-4-15-32, maybe do a range from plat 14 to 16.



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