If you are unable to locate the search field you are looking for in the Main section of the search page you will find it within Add Fields. The Add Fields feature includes all search fields within the system.

  1. Click on the +Add Fields button


The Search Criteria window will open

2. Locate the search field you would like to use. An entry box will open to the right.
3. Enter the search parameter and click the Blue check mark.
You may locate and use other search fields. Click Close when finished.



The parameter is now apart of the search request.
Please enter in any other search parameters and click Search Now when ready.


2 Responses to “(TMK) Add fields – Locating and using specific search fields”

  1. Richard Solie 76445


    I am trying to enter multiple search parameters for subdivision, but, after searching the knowledge base, I still cannot see how. What I am triying to come up with is NOT Black Sand Beach AND NOT Ainaloa AND NOT HOVE AND NOT Kalapana AND NOT Nanavale AND NOT Tiki Gardens

    can this be done?

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