1. You must have an existing contact saved to REsearch
  2. This contact must have a first name, last name, and email address

Step 1:  Log in to Portal


Step 2: Click “Create Portal” button

Step 3: Choose your contact

Step 4: Open the new Portal


Step 5: Add a Collection or Saved Search



Step 6: Share the Portal with your contact – Copy the link


Step 7: Send the link to your client via email or SMS or any other channel you feel appropriate

5 Responses to “Setting Up a New Portal”

  1. Kristin Zimmerman


    I think the saved search from when you set up the prospect before the beta should auto populate in the new portal. Also, there is no direction to provide to your client. You just send them a link with no explanation of what they are getting? And if you are to provide and explanation to what features they now have e.g. searching capabilities, you (HIS) should provide some script or direction.

    • Raun


      Thanks, Kristin.
      All feedback has been noted with accompanying suggestion tickets created.

  2. Kristin Moreland


    I completely agree with the other Kristin!!

  3. Patti Kam


    Also, when sending a new listing to a client (portal or normal search), there should be an “add contact” right on the email window. So you can enter the email address, click “add contact” and just add them right there. Please.

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