The Prospect Notification schedule dictates when your prospect will receive their automatic prospect match emails.



-The first section of this guide uses the REsearch settings in order to set the Notification Schedule.
The selections made here will default all new prospects to this schedule from now on. All previously active prospects will not be affected and will need to be manually updated if need be.

-The second section will guide you through the Contacts page where you can make selections or review the schedule for your individual contacts.



In order to set the default Notification Schedule please open REsearch settings.
Within the Settings page click Prospect Notifications


Each section explained:

“Notify ME when a new prospect matches one of my listings”
You will be notified when an agent creates a prospect search that matches one of your listings.
This includes all active and hold listings.


“Notify ME when a new listing matches one of my prospects”
You will be notified when a new listing matches one of your prospect searches.
This is very similar to selecting “Copy Me” within the Contacts notification schedule though you will receive an Agent email versus a Customer formatted email. (unless you select “In Customer Format”)



Notify MY PROSPECT when a listing matches his/her requirements
Your prospect will be set to receive an auto email from REsearch when a listing matches the request.
*All Prospect’s auto emails will always be in customer format, your agent copy will include agent data.
*By email “immediately” will wait about 45 minutes before sending in order to hopefully group more listings together.


Remember to click Save Changes when done.


Contacts Page

Select Contacts from the Main Menu
Select one of your Contacts or create a new one
Click the Prospect tab in the Contact Details section


In the Prospect section you can review the search attached to your contact and any alerts that may be present.
Click “Notification options”

The notification selection screen will display.
Make any changes or review what has been selected by default.
Save Changes when finished.

You are now the master of the Notification Schedule!


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