The taxkey search field is located in various places within REsearch. Our examples will use the Quick Search section located at the top of the Search for listings page.


Searching for a single or multiple taxkeys:

If you are searching for a single taxkey, simply enter in the full key.
2015-05-07 12_32_16-REsearch 6

If you are searching for multiple taxkeys, you can separate each key with a comma and space
2015-05-07 12_35_01-REsearch 6
You may also simply enter the last digit of the other keys you are looking for. REsearch will correctly append the digit to the rest of the previous numbers. The example below is the same search as the one directly above.
2015-05-07 12_36_47-REsearch 6
If done correctly REsearch will automatically format the entry. Note the commas and the word OR.
2015-05-07 12_39_45-REsearch 6

Searching a range of taxkeys:

In order to search a range of taxkeys you will use the word to.
2015-05-07 12_54_53-REsearch 6
If done correctly REsearch will automatically format the entry. Note the words from and to.
2015-05-07 12_56_42-REsearch 6

Searching a range of taxkeys (Plat range, Section range, etc.)

You may search for all parcels within a plat by entering in the taxkey up to the plat.
2015-05-07 13_17_29-REsearch 6
Same goes for Section
2015-05-07 13_19_27-REsearch 6
2015-05-07 13_30_07-REsearch 6
And finally the entire island
2015-05-07 13_31_01-REsearch 6
You may also use the comma/or and the to commands for ranges
2015-05-07 13_33_18-REsearch 6

And finally, Excluding taxkeys from the search

In order to search a range but exclude taxkeys from that range, you will use the command and not
2015-05-07 13_55_00-REsearch 6
In the above example we are searching the range of plat 1 through plat 7 but excluding plat 5.

*Tips – don’t worry about capitalization
*If you entered the search incorrectly the system will likely show an error message


Hopefully this has put you on the right track to locate exactly what you are looking for!



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