How to search listings by Office ID

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1. Locate and click the +Add Fields button




2. Within the Add Fields window, scroll down to find the Office ID (Listing Office/Agent) field.
Click to highlight. A box will open to the right. Enter the desired Office ID. Click the check mark to accept.



3. The Office ID search request will now be shown at the bottom of the search page.
Enter any other search parameters such as status, taxkey, property type, etc.
Click search when ready.






Listing office VS. Selling Office

When selecting the field from the Add Fields menu, please be sure to use the correct request.
Office ID (Listing Office/Agent) – Office represented/represents to owner
Office ID (Selling Office/Agent) – Office represented the buyer

Do not combine both of these requests on a single search. If combining the two, the system will look for listings where the office was on both sides only.
(unless that is what exactly what you are looking for)

Locating an ID number of an office

Office IDs are displayed on each listing
Click on an agent’s name to open a contact info card



You may also use Search Roster

Simply enter the agent’s name or office name in the appropriate fields and click search.



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