This guide will walk you through searching using Agent ID. Searching by Agent ID will narrow the search down to only that agent’s listings. You may do this for your own listings too.
(agent ID is not the only method of searching, you may also search by agent name)


On the Search for Listings page, click on the Add Fields button. The Add Fields button is located in the lower section of the page within the search recap area.
The Add Fields window will open.



In the Add Fields window you may type the beginning of the search term into the search box. You may also scroll through the alphabetical list.
Locate and click on Agent ID (Listing Office/Agent)
Enter the agent’s ID. Click the check mark icon when finished.



The search request now includes the Agent ID. Clicking Search will pull up ALL listings entered into REsearch by this agent. The results will include all statuses except Hold listings.




Specific status and date range

In order to pull all active, sold, or etc. listings simply add the status desired.


Add other search parameters to help narrow down the request such as a subdivision or date range.

This request will pull all this agent’s sold listing since 1/1/2015



Sold listings – Buyer side

The above section describes how to pull listing when the agent was representing the owner. In order to pull up sales where the agent represented the buyer we will be using Agent ID (Selling Office/Agent)

Do not combine both the Listing and Selling fields into a single search. Please run two separate searches in order to pull all sales for an agent.
When combining the two parameters the system thinks you are looking for listings where the agent was both sides of the sale on a single listing.

Of course you can combine the two if that is specifically what you are looking for.


Listings on Hold

Pulling up your Hold listings is a slightly different process.
Simply place the check mark next to My Holding in the Listing Status section. There is no need to enter an agent number as you can only view your Hold listings.


Locating an agent’s ID

There are many places within REsearch to find out an agent’s HIS ID.



1. The Dashboard
Enter in the agent’s last name and click the search icon


2. Listings
All listing formats will show you agent ID’s. You just need to know where to look.







3. Search Roster
From the Main Menu open the Search tree and select Search Roster.






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