REsearch has the unique ability to show both MLS data along side of the public TMK data. We will be using the FORMAT drop down to select which data shows up on our search results.


The Format drop down contains both MLS and TMK formats. The MLS formats are located in the upper half while the TMK formats are down below.
These selections will determine what the search result will look like. Feel free to test each one of them out in order to find the format that suits your needs. You may also combine various formats on the same search.


Selected formats are listed here:


Quick guide to all MLS formats:

MLS (1 liner) – One-line display of a listing. This is the best format to to utilize when you need quick, basic information.
MLS 1 Photo – Same basic information as MLS (1 liner) along with a small primary photo.
MLS Mid – The standard format. This is what is displayed when clicking on an MLS number.
MLS Mid Grid – A throw back to REsearch 4.5’s format style, same information as MLS Mid.
MLS Full – The full report. This includes almost fields entered by the agent.
Brochure – Handout style report, includes photos. Designed to print on a single sheet of paper. You may replace the listing agent’s information with your own by using Customer Format.
MLS Book – An expanded version of MLS Quick.
MLS Quick – A very compact format. Similar to MLS one line that includes a photo.
Photo – The photos on a listing. You may choose the amount of images to be displayed per the drop down. Can also be viewed when clicking the camera icon.
Directions – This will display the directions inputted by the agent on the listing form.
MLS Cumulative – Use this format when you would like a summary count of listings. The report will separate each section into TMK area and listing type.
(LOFF = Listing office ID, SOFF = Sold/Buyer’s agent ID)
MLS History – display the change history of a listing. Can also be viewed by clicking the Clock Icon
MLS Conversion – Only applicable on older listings. This format will display which field names have been changed over the years. Ex: Sewer Type has been changed to Waste water.
Addenda – Display any addenda attached by the listing agent



*Tip: There will be situations where a search result will show “No properties matched your request”,one of the big things to check on would be which format is being used.
Ex: There is a particular parcel you are looking up and all the search parameters are perfect but the system keeps telling you that there are no matches. It is likely you have an MLS format active when you really need a TMK format.

4 Responses to “(mls) Search results – MLS vs. TMK Formats”

  1. Daiva Friedrich


    How do we access Zipform please? Mahalo

    • Raun Ohama


      Hi Daiva,

      Please contact HAR for help with Zipforms. I believe they took over the admin role for the whole state in order to consolidate the process.
      Here is a link to the help guide I created per your inquiry:

  2. Luan Becerra


    All of my formats have disappeared somehow so I am not able to search listings. All I have is the Brand format. What can I do?

    • Raun



      We generally come across this issue with users who do not shut down their computers for extended periods of time. We suspect it caused by a combination of our developers pushing new code and user’s browsers not closing in order to refresh and use the new code.

      Rebooting the entire computer should resolve the issue but is a little extreme in my opinion.
      Closing and re-opening the browser should be sufficient.
      If you are on a Mac, while your browser is open locate the Menu and select Quit. Located in the upper left, look for the Menu title of your browser. Ex: Safari, Chrome, etc.
      (sorry, images are not allowed within these comments)

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