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If you have released a listing you may have noticed a message stating there are a number of matches for it.



You may run a Reverse Prospect search in order to contact the agents who have set up prospect searches that matched your listing. The system will not give out prospect information, only a statement saying an agent has a prospect that has matched with the listing.


My example is only going to look for:
All time frame matches, No date range restrictions
All Prospects for My Listings
NO Listings for My Prospects



Enter in the target MLS number:

Click Search Now to get your results.

On the results page, you may click individual agent’s names to open the REsearch email window to easily contact them. Information will auto fill into the subject line.



You may also download the results to a spreadsheet:

No need to create a custom format. Simply click to the Options Tab and select Download Format.


Click Search Now to generate the download – ***Please NOTE: email addresses will not be included with the download. The decision was made to not include email addresses as these agents have already likely chosen to receive automatic notifications by email. This decision was made to help cut down on multiple emails for the same listing.

What do Prospect IDs mean?

The agent who receives your email can go into their prospect page and run a search to see which of their prospects matched your listing:



2 Responses to “(mls) Reverse prospecting – finding agents who have prospects that have matched with your listing”

  1. Bill Babbitt


    When selecting the download option, I can’t get the individual agent email addresses to populate.

    • Raun


      Hi Bill,

      The inability to download email address from the Reverse Prospecting screen is intentional. We had complaints of too many email blasts.
      All the agents and prospects you matched with have already received an email stating that your listing matches their request.
      Agents do still have the ability to email each agent from the Reverse Prospecting screen but that requires the user to manually click each name.

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