January 2018

Mostly making progress on the upcoming features to be integrated into REsearch.
Co-Listors are now able to update photos even if they are in a different office than the primary listing agent.

December 2017

Reverse prospecting – which agents have prospects that match your listing? 
Alternative method (single click)



November 2017

Prospect matches are now very easy to view – no need to actually run the search


October 2017


External helpful links – Main Menu



September 2017

MLS Mid – Map now opens to a new window when clicked




Emails sent from REsearch now include branding / stamp letting the recipient know the source of the message:

(now located at the bottom left of all emails)



Instagram is now available as a social network




Addenda file size limit has been increased from 2MB to 5MB



Five years of tax history now available on various TMK formats: 

Prefer the original style of just displaying the current year? 



Larger photos are now available on listings!


July 2017

Prospect interface updates

Contacts > Prospect tab
The Prospect tab within Contacts received a few layout changes


Saving prospect searches from Search for Listings – The feature is back!


June 2017

Saving searches also has the option to save your current format (see step 3)

Creating a prospect from Search for Listings – the feature is back and better than ever

Mortgage Estimate tool – Down payments are now also calculated

Create a CMA – “Prepared For and Prepared By” is now an open field. Title your report anything you wish


May 2017


Listing entry form – there are a couple new/required fields on the listing entry form. 

Open Houses – Data is once again being fed outside of the MLS

Email/Contact management tool – An alphabetical sort has been added

Dashboard Actions – The familiar action buttons have been added to the Dashboard 

Kailua-Kona – Kona is now capitalized! 




March – April 2017


Google Street View

Import Outlook contacts into REsearch

Market IQ – Combining offices on reports

Market Statistics – Design improvements, Monthly reports – link out to our blog

Flood Zone tool link on the listing form



Search History Tab – Quickly access your last 50 searches

Exclude areas on a map search

More Honolulu building permits, more permit information – link out to our blog

Direct links to county sites

Mortgage Estimate Tool (Beta)

Download Building Sketches

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