All listings are required to have at least one photo of the front of the property. You can add up to 30 photos to a listing. When uploading photos to your listings, please keep the following in mind:

  1. Photos must be in JPEG (.JPG) format. GIF and PNG images will not work.
  2. Photos can be up to 12MB in file size.
  3. Photos will be resized by REsearch to 1200 pixels wide by 800 pixels tall.
  4. If you do not want REsearch to resize your photos, you or your photographer can optimize images to be 1200×800 before uploading.


Additional rules. The MLS is designed for cooperation between brokerages, in order for other agents to share your listing with their clients please do not include contact information. 

  • Do not include agent or office branding.
    Ex: Agent or Office names, phone, email, website address, etc.
  • Do not include people in the photos.
  • Do not include For Sale signage



Additional notes:

Landscape orientation is recommended.  Portrait oriented photos (taller than wide) and panoramic photos (super wide) will display in REsearch correctly when clicking the photo/camera icon, but will not display correctly on the brochure and MLS Mid. Many public sites also do not display these photos correctly as they will be stretched or skewed to match a landscape format.

We recommend “web resolution” images. Photos for online display are typically have a dots-per-inch or pixels-per-inch of 72dpi or 96dpi. Images at higher “print” resolutions may not work.

If you encounter an error in uploading photos, please contact technical support at (800) 628-3121.

To view full-size images in REsearch:

Click the camera icon to enter the “Photos” tab. You will see thumbnail images of all photos attached to a listing. To show the photos at their full REsearch resolution (up to 1200×800), double click on any photo.


Full Resolution


Example photos courtesy Sean Ahearn/Elite Pacific Properties.

3 Responses to “(MLS) REsearch listing photo requirements, recommendations and rules”

  1. Lyman Medeiros


    what is your policy regarding the use of drone aerial photography?

    • Raun Ohama


      Hawaii Information Service does not currently include a policy regarding possible drone photography. The use of drones will be governed by the appropriate channels outside of the MLS.

  2. terry kamen


    how do I add pictures that are in dropbox onto my listings

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