Instead of looking through the whole list of search fields when wanting to make a simple change to the search request, follow these simple instructions for more efficiency.

Located near the bottom of the search page is the Request bar. Use this as your search recap.
Simply click on the search request you would like to edit.
(Our example is editing the TMK Condo field)
2015-05-22 13_49_17-REsearch 6


Click on the request, a box will open where you can make changes. Click the check mark icon to accept the change.
2015-05-22 13_52_05-REsearch 6


You may also click the trash can icon to remove the request from your search. The trash icon is also clickable directly on the Request line. 2015-05-22 14_10_42-REsearch 6



You are also able to access ALL search fields available in the system by clicking on the Add Fields button:
2015-05-22 14_13_30-REsearch 6


Please click this link to see our Add Fields guide.



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