REsearch’s prospecting works directly with the Client Portal.


If you have existing prospect searches or if you just created one, you may add that search to your Client’s Portal.
Prospects Overview help guide

  1. Go to Prospects

  2. Locate the Client and search you would like to send to the Portal

  3. Click the Edit button

  4. Select “Add Collection to Portal”

  5. Enter a name for the collection. This is what will display for your client. Please be descriptive with the naming.

    Click here for an example of what your client will see within their Client Portal

  6. You may also notify your Client by email at this time.

    Select the “Notify my client with an Email message”

    Click OK to send

    What your Client will receive –

The email received by your client will include a link to their Client Portal. More specifically a link directly to the listings contained in the selected prospect search within their Client Portal.
The email also includes a link to a help guide created for clients.

Prospect searches sent to Client Portal will update as REsearch finds new listings and discards others.

The Client portal does not replace REsearch’s prospecting. The Client Portal is simply an organized view of all the prospect search listing matches.




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