Property type and Subtype

Property type and Subtype describe the listing.  The Property Type will tell us a listing is Residential, Condo, Multi-Family, Commercial or Business.  The Subtype will describe the Property type in more detail.  Below are the five Property types and their subtypes:
Residential – A place to live. Our HIS board considers a structure on a parcel a residential listing if there is an operating water supply and wastewater system.

Ohana / ADU – Permitted  –  These are properties that are permitted an Additional Dwelling Unit, meaning a another house for the family.

Attached – This is a Single Family house with one or more walls attached to another house.  This is often the style of duplexes and townhouses.

Detached – This is your typical Single Family house.

Under Construction – This listing where the house is under construction.

Condo This is used when selling individual condominium units.

Attached – This is a condominium unit with one or more walls attached to another unit.

Detached – Separate condo units.

Multi-FamilyThis is your ‘Income’ properties.  This option is for when the whole building of units (2+) is for sale.  You’ll notice generally the same options as Residential however instead of individual units,  it’s the whole building being sold.

2 Units – Building of 2 units attached by common wall.

3 Units – Building of 3 units attached together.

4 + Units – A building of 4 units attached together.

Land This is used when trying to sell land.  There can be structures (tear downs) but only the land is being calculated into the price.

Vacant – This is land that is bare.  All that is needed is to start building your structures.

CommercialThis is for properties that are zoned for commercial use.  These properties are ready for a business to move in and start making money.

Food Service – This property has a full commercial kitchen and meets the codes for making and selling food products.  That McDonald’s building for sale would fall under this option.

Hospitality – This is a hotel/motel for sale.  This property’s primary purpose is to provide lodging for vacationers.

Industrial – This property is build for the big industrial jobs.  This is for properties that are designed to manufacture products in large quantities.

Office – This is your typical office space.  Its built to handle all your administrative duties.

Retail – Here is the property you want to list if you’re interested in selling goods.  When your window shopping at the mall,  you’re walking through Retail style properties.

Special Purpose – These properties are built to serve a very select purpose.  Hospitals, Retirement Homes, Medieval Dungeons, Self Storage etc. are all examples of ‘Special Purpose’.

Warehouse – This is a large building used for storing materials, equipment, merchandise, produce, etc. in large quantity.  Not your typical shed,  these are large and usually very secure buildings.

BusinessThis is used when your business entity is for sale.  This may or may not include property in the sale.
Business – This is when the Business Entity is for sale.  Typically would include the business name and assets but not the property itself which it resides. The business must be listed under the tax key number of the parcel upon which it is situated or located.
Business / Real Prop – This is when the Business Entity AND the property where the business resides is for sale.  This typically includes business name and all assets as well.

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  1. Daiva Friedrich


    How do we access active rental properties? Available rental listings and rented categories please? Mahalo.

    • Raun



      Rental entry and search has been moved outside of REsearch.
      Rental data is available on

      Here is the link to the rental section of alohaliving:

      Agents can sign in using their REsearch username and password.

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