The new mobile responsive interface of REsearch 6 comes with a new “Wizard Mode” for the listing input form as well as a new photo loader. This means you can add a new listing to the MLS entirely from your mobile device, such as iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. This tutorial will walk you through adding photos to a new listing on an iPhone, but the interface will be nearly identical on Android devices.

To get started, log into REsearch on your mobile device. Usually this will be done by launching Safari on Apple devices and Chrome on Google devices and going to

1. If not already displayed, click the Toggle Menu button (three horizontal lines) in the top right of your screen to show the menu.


2. In the menu, expand the “Listings” section by clicking the “[+]” or plus symbol, and select “New Listing” from the submenu.


3. You will be presented with two input forms: Classic Forms and Wizard Forms. Select Wizard Forms (either the Required Only or Full version).


4. Enter the TMK for the property you want to list and click “Next” on the step-by-step Wizard Forms bar.


5. Enter your listing details, and when you’re done, click “Next” again to go on to Step #3.


6. The Photos screen requires you to acknowledge the Photos Agreement. Check the “I Agree” checkbox and click “Continue.”


7. Once you agree, the option to load photos will appear. Click “Load Photos.”


8. Now you are in the photo loader. To use photos from a smartphone or tablet rather than a computer, tap “Click or tap to browse.”


9. You will be presented with different ways to add photos from your device. You can take a new photo or choose photos from your device’s photo library, for example. Choose the option you want to use, and take or select the photos to add to your listing.


10. Once you’ve taken or selected your photos, thumbnails will appear in the photo loader. To continue, click “Upload Now.”


11. Back on the photos screen of the “Wizard” listing input form, you will have the opportunity to add descriptions or captions to your photos. When done, be sure to click “Save All.”


12. Once saved, you can click “Next” to proceed to the final screen of the “Wizard” listing input form to either save your new listing to “Hold” status or release it.


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