About Contacts

The Contacts section contains information about the contacts you have entered into REsearch. Here you can store and access any information that has been recorded.
The Contacts section works closely with the Prospects section.

Contact List

1. Click Directly on Contacts or expand the section then click Contacts to open the Contacts Section
2. This section allows you to sort your contact list. Click on a letter range to sort by last name. Click All to display all.
3. The Magnifying Glass indicates if a prospect search has been entered for that contact.
4. Click New Contact to enter another contact


1. Click this drop down for the group sort.
All Contact = Show everyone
Only Prospects = Show only Contacts who are also Prospects
Only Prospects by IS = Show only Contacts who are also Prospects but also show Prospect ID
The others in my example are groups I have created. Once a group is created you can easily sort from here.
2. If one of your prospects requires attention you will see a symbol here. Hover your mouse over the icon for an explanation bubble.


Contact Details

1. These sections are for entering any information about your contact. Click through each tab in order to see what fields are offered. The Primary tab contains the most important information.
2. The History tab will show a log of all emails sent from REsearch to your Contact. This includes Auto Prospect emails and direct emails sent from the search results page, etc.
3. The Prospect tab is where you can enter or edit the contact’s prospect search preferences.



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