zipForm MLS Connect:

Please watch the official zipLogix zipFormMLS-Connect video below to learn how to use MLS Connect to retrieve listing information and place it directly into your forms. This video reflects the new zipForm website design unveiled in August 2017.

For more help with zipForm, you can view additional zipLogix Instructional Videos:

zipLogix also provides “Academy Learning Paths” for recommended training classes:

And regular zipLogix Academy Live Training Webinars:

You can also download this Quick Tips for the New Design Platform as a PDF:

You can also review the official zipLogix Product Documentation:

The instructions below are for older versions of zipForm

Locating and using the “MLS Connect” feature within zipForms:

  1. Create a new or edit an existing transaction.
  2. Click on the Property Tab.
  3. Click on the zipFomr/MLS-Connect button.
  4. Enter the subject MLS number.
  5. Click Find – Verify the information.
  6. Click Import.



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