First things first.

How to login to REsearch:

  1. Open the web browser of your choice (Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Firefox)
  2. Head over to
  3. Click Member Login
  4. Enter the username and password included in your welcome email
  5. Click Login to REsearch 6
    Click here for a demonstration


Accessing the Knowledge Base:




My Profile (name, nickname, phone, email, etc.):

    1. Click your name at the top of the main menu
    2. Within the slide down menu, click My Profile
    3. Review/Update your information
    4. Save
Click here for a demonstration

*Within My Profile you will find the setting for Preferred Phone. This is the phone number that will display on your listings.


Settings –

Email Signature (this will be auto inserted into emails sent from within REsearch):

    1. Within the Main Menu click Settings, you may need to scroll down depending on your screen size
    2. Locate and click on Customize REsearch Email
    3. Create your email signature
    4. Save Changes
Click here for a demonstration

Feel free to click though the other settings. You may not be familiar with what each does just yet but it will be good to know the setting exists when you do learn about them.


My Headshot/Logo

  1. From the main menu, click Settings
  2. Locate and click “My Headshot/Logo”
  3. Upload your headshot and save
Click here for a demonstration

Click here for a more detailed guide


Training Classes

These are live instructor led webinars and are free with your membership. Each instructor has been a long time user of REsearch and is also a current or former real estate agent. They are geographically located on Hawaii Island and Kauai.




Contact HIS

If you are logged into REsearch you may send us questions or comments directly:
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Further guides we feel will help you get comfortable with REsearch –




The Dashboard overview: Please click here to view our guide regarding the Dashboard

Searching overview: Please click here to view our overview of searching guide collection






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