Depending on your account type, you may or may not have access to Maps within REsearch. If you do not have access and would like to activate the map feature, please contact our Sales Department – / (808) 599-4224 Ext: 4

The map within REsearch includes the ability to draw shapes, then search within or exclude those areas.

This guide will walk through searching within drawn shapes –

  1.  Open the map
  2. Click the Draw menu
  3. Select the style of available shapes you would like to draw


  1. Draw your shape


    Radius/Circle will be drawn by clicking a centroid and dragging out

    The Polygon tool lets you drop points on the map in order to draw your desired shape. Double click to finish the shape, a straight line will be automatically drawn to close the shape.



Click to select the shape in order to either switch to Exclude this area from your search, or Delete this shape from your search.

You may also click to resize or move the shape.


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