Condo Guides are additional information gathered for the various condos/projects around the state.

Here is a link to our product page laying out some of the benefits and inclusions: Condo Guide


To view a condo guide simply look for this building icon:

Here are a few examples of the icon within REsearch –


The Dashboard (MLS):

MLS Mid (MLS):


TMK one liner:


TMK Full:



Please note: Condo guides are generated in PDF format. They are also generated with protection and are set to expire in 14 days. You will need to re-download the Condo Guide after that time.



Screenshots of an example Condo Guide:


Of course we do not have 100% of condos in the state and for every condo we do have, we may not have 100% of information on that condo in question. What we do have is made available.

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