Active and Contingent listings are fed to a number of services. Updates are made available in the feed every 15 minutes. The time frame of when listings are updated on these services rely on each service’s update schedule. We are not made aware of other service’s update schedule.

Alohaliving – you will see updated information such as new photos or remarks within 15 minutes

Listings that go Under Contract or Sold status are removed from the feed.

Withdrawn and Expired listings are also removed.


Listings are sent to:
All subscribed RETS/IDX feeds, Ex. agent websites (we do not provide a list of these sites)



By default all offices are opted into these services. PB’s have the choice to opt out if they wish. &
* – This is a listing distribution service. We send them one feed and they send the listings out to many of their partners.
Feel free to create an account on Listhub in order to opt in or out of their feed options.



By default all offices are NOT opted into these services. PB’s have the choice to opt in if they wish. (The International MLS)



How to opt in or out:

(mls) Syndication Dashboard



Why isn’t my listing showing up on public sites?





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