The Settings link is located at the bottom of the Main Menu

Please feel free to click to see the available options within each setting when you have some time.

*Syndication: Only Principal Brokers and Support Persons have this option. It updates the syndication options for the entire office.


Search Display Options – A few options that change the way search results are displayed.

Formats – Additional options in the format drop down menu. I recommend enabling both of these. (this setting requires a log out and back in to implement)

Printing – Yes/No to inserting page breaks between data when printing.

Prospect Notifications – Choose the default notification schedule of newly created Prospects moving forward.

Clear Email History – Email history is stored for contacts created within the system. Here is where you can clear them out if you so choose.

MLS Photo Brochure Format – When placing brochures in customer format your information replaces the listing agent’s information. Here is where you may choose to also display your head shot or not.

Search Count – Yes/No to automatically count listing/parcels when entering searches. This does have a tendency to create slowdown when enabled but it does work.

Dashboard Refresh – Choose between auto refreshing the dashboard every 5 minutes or manually clicking the Refresh link.

Email in Roster Download – Essentially disables your email address from being downloaded. It is still visible through out the system.

Tax History – Choose between showing only the current year or five years back.

Map Layout – Map placement when viewing the interactive map within searches

Customize REsearch Email – Add a signature and other default text to emails sent from the system. These customizations will be added to both direct and auto prospect emails.

Mail Link – Chose to provide listing/parcel data within the body of emails or simply send a link to the data.

My Headshot/Logo – Upload or change your headshot. PB/Support accounts are able to upload or change office logos.

MLS Listor Brochure Format – When viewing brochures, choose to display agent information or not. This includes your information when viewing in customer format.

Taxmap File Preference – When viewing the plat maps, choose to auto download the file or view it within our image viewer.

MLS Mid Format – Choose how many images to display when viewing the MLS Mid format.

Navigation – Toggle the main menu on or off by default

Street view – When clicking a street view icon, choose to display the map on a new tab or within a window on the same page.


Syndication – choose where office listings are sent. Ex: Zillow,, etc.
(all listings are sent to and agent subscribed feeds, this cannot be disabled)

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