There are two methods I prefer to use when looking for expired listings.

Method 1: Get Listing Update

  1. From the main menu click on Get Listing Update
  2. Set your date range
  3. Uncheck all boxes in section B. except for Expired
  4. Enter your desired area or other search parameters to narrow down the results





Method 2: Search for Listings

  1. Scroll to the MLS Detail category, Prices and Dates section
  2. Locate the Min. Expires Date search field. Enter in the desired date.
  3. Enter in any other search parameters to help narrow down the request.
    You will likely want to use Status: Expired as part of the search request





It is recommended when searching for Expired listings to also add the Expires custom format. This will add the Expires date to the search results.

Please see the 2nd part of this guide on adding the custom format to the search results. 




REsearch also includes the search parameter “No Active Listings” if that this the goal of your search.
The No Active Listings search parameter looks a the taxkey of each match to see if any subsequent listing is currently active.

  1. Click the Add Fields button
  2. Locate and click No Active Listing, Place a check mark next to No Active Listings
  3. Click the blue check mark box, click the Close button.
  4. Enter other search parameters








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