Where does the location field display?


Location shows up on two displays within the MLS.
The Dashboard:


MLS one liner



In order to view the Location column on the MLS one liner format, you will need to tell the system to enable it.





Why can’t I edit the Location field?

In order to keep the Location field consistent the decision was made to have the data auto filled when a taxkey is entered on listings.

You may make changes to this field by contacting Hawaii Information Service. Changes will be limited to address, project name, or subdivision.

Email: techsupport@hiinfo.com
Toll Free outer islands: 1-800-628-3121 ext. 1
Direct: 599-4224 ext. 1



But why can’t I edit it myself?

Because of the consistency issue. When the field was previously available for free editing there would be entries such as:
“Located 1/2 block from the cow sculpture.”
(that example was made up of course but there were similar types of entries)




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