How to import contact information into REsearch:

You can import your contacts from other email clients into REsearch. Before doing so, you will need to export your contact information to an Outlook CSV file. Once this is done, follow the steps below to import them into REsearch.

If you simply have your contacts within a spreadsheet, please view this guide before moving on.


  1. Click “Import Contacts.”
  2. Click “Choose File.”
  3. Browse your computer to select the xxxxx.CSV file that contains the contact information.
  4. Select “how to handle duplicate contacts.”
  5. Click “Import.”

Note: We do recommend reviewing your Outlook CSV file before importing, as it may contain hundreds of contacts, and this import process cannot be undone.

The Import Contacts tool is located within the Contacts page:

Once clicked, you will see the “Import Contacts” screen:


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