Changing the status of a listing into Sold –


From the main menu locate the Listings category

Option A – Select “Report Sale”
Option B – Select “Sale” from within the listings menu



Enter your MLS number or use the Select Listing tool


Verify you are working on the correct listing
Select “Sold”


The Sold information input form will display
The Red Arrows in the screenshot below indicate a required field when reporting any sale.
*“Property Sold As Type” is only applicable if the listing was initially created with multiple property types.

Click Update to change the status to Sold.


In situations when there are additional buyer’s agents who will receive credit for the sale –

Enter any of the multiple buyer’s agent’s ID into the “Sold Agent ID” field
The order of the agents does not matter
Then Click the “Additional Agent(s)” button


Enter the Additional Agent’s ID
Click Next
Confirm this is the correct agent to be added


You may repeat the process to add additional agents.

Confirm the split of credit percentage and click Finished when done

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