Classic Vs. Wizard

Classic Forms will simply display the listing entry form. You will choose between saving the listing to your HOLD status or Preview/Release to Active when finished.
Wizard Forms include steps; Listing entry, Next step Photos, Next step Addenda, Tours, Next step Save / Release.

The “Classic” method of entering a new listing:

  1. On the Main Menu, expand the Listings category

  2. Select New Listing

  3. On the Main Page choose between Classic Forms All Fields or Required Fields.


  4. Enter the subject Taxkey, Create New Listing


  5. Fill out your listing information

  6. Click Save to create a listing in HOLD status

    Click Release to create a listing in ACTIVE status


Now that the listing is created, photos, tour, addenda, etc. can now be added. Links to these tools can be access from the Main Menu


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