A Google Street View icon is available on MLS One Liner and MLS Mid. It is also visible on the Dashboard’s listing activity. The icon appears when a listing includes a complete street address (street number and street name). Simply click the icon to open a Google Street View window. Please note that this window relies on Google’s Street View panoramic image library and Google’s geocoding for street addresses, which may not be accurate or available for every listing address.


Here is the Street View icon on the MLS one liner format:



Here is the Street View icon on the MLS Mid format:

Here is the Street View icon on the REsearch Dashboard (in the “Today” section):


Tips: Using the Google Street View Window

Using a mouse is the easiest way to navigate around the Google Maps window. Simply click and drag to move the view around. (The view may also auto-rotate when you turn your smartphone when viewed on a compatible model.) You may also use a mouse scroll wheel to quickly zoom in and out.



Clicking the “View on Google Maps” link will open a new window on your browser. You will then be within the Google Maps system.


Reminder: Please do not use images from Google in your listings without first receiving permission from Google.


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