The following instructions are applicable only to users of Vimeo Plus or Pro. A user with a free Vimeo account cannot create a compliant link.

Please see our page (MLS) Virtual Tour Rules and Regulations – acceptable virtual tour links for an explanation of our rules as they pertain to virtual tours on the MLS.

How to make a rules-compliant video link using Vimeo Plus or Pro

1. First, make sure your account name is not branded.

To review or change your account name, go to

Enter a name that has no branding or identifying information, and click Save.

2. Next, upload your video.

For help uploading, please see Vimeo’s help guides:

3. Then, edit your video details to be compliant.

3a. Once you have your video uploaded, go to the Manage Videos section at

Click on the video that you want to edit.


3b. When you select the video, you will be brought to a new page where you can change options in the “Embed” menu. This will let you remove functions that allow viewers to contact you, find other videos, or see branding.


Turn off the following options in the “Embed” menu:

  • Actions: Like, Watch Later, Share, Embed
  • Your details: Profile picture, Title, Byline, Let users decide

If you’re having trouble with the step above, you may need to allow embedding to “Anywhere” in the General section:


3c. Next, go into the “Interaction tools” menu. This will let you remove the auto-suggested videos at the end of your video.

  • First go to “Interaction Tools”
  • Then click “End Screen”. On this menu, look for the pencil shaped icon and click it to edit your video’s end screen.


In the drop down menu, choose one of the following:

  • Thumbnail: This video will return to the beginning thumbnail after it finishes playing.
  • Empty: Your video will not show anything after it finishes playing.
  • Loop: Your video will loop after it finishes playing, infinitely.


4. Finally, get the embed link.

In order for you to make use of the above edits to the video, you have to get the embed link of the video, which is different from the normal link.

A normal link will be something like and will show your video, along with Vimeo’s menus and your account information.
An embed link will be something like and will show just your video, fullscreen, with the edits you made above.

To get your embed link, click on the “Embed code” button on the upper right portion of the screen.

A box will appear with the embed code. The link there is the embed link that you need.

The embed link will begin with https and end with the video number (e.g. 379903430), for example

Copy and paste the embed link into the virtual tour section of REsearch.

Congratulations! You should now have a fullscreen video that is rules-compliant–showing no contact information, suggested videos, or branding.

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