Vimeo Portfolio example

A Portfolio can display your Vimeo video in an attractive way. You can show a description and multiple videos of the subject property, all on one page. It can also be used to hide your account name.
The following instructions are applicable only to users of Vimeo Pro. Portfolios cannot be created on Vimeo free or Plus accounts.

Please see our page (MLS) Virtual Tour Rules and Regulations – acceptable virtual tour links for an explanation of our rules as they pertain to virtual tours on the MLS.

How to create a Portfolio on Vimeo Pro

1. First, upload your video.

For help uploading, please see Vimeo’s help guides:

2. Next, enter the Collections area and start creating the Portfolio.

Once you have your video uploaded, go to the Collections area by hovering your mouse over your profile image in the top navigation bar and clicking “Collections.”

In the Collections area, click the “+ Create new portfolio” button.

3. Name the Portfolio and select the video(s) to add.

Give the Portfolio a title and description. These should relate to the property and should not contain branding or other prohibited elements.
Select the video(s) you want to add to the Portfolio. If you are going to add the Portfolio to your listing on the MLS, be sure the Portfolio contains videos only of the subject property.


4. Edit the appearance of the Portfolio.

On the next page, you can choose a Portfolio theme and edit other aspects of the Portfolio’s appearance.

Be sure to remove social interaction buttons (Like, Watch Later, Share, Embed).

Then, click the Save button on the bottom of the page.

4. View the Portfolio and get the link.

Click on the video thumbnail on the top right part of the page to view the Portfolio.

You will then be looking at your Portfolio. You are able to get the Portfolio link in the top bar of your web browser.

(The Portfolio theme used here is called Sawtooth.)


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