If you feel you are now receiving too many emails from the REsearch’s prospecting tool, there are a couple of things we can look at.



  • If the matches for a particular prospect are at a high volume, you may want to consider narrowing down that prospect’s search.
    Ex: There are a couple of agents within REsearch who have prospects that are being sent every Residential listing that is released, regardless of island, price, etc. This was likely created in error but the system does not know that and is sending an email to both that prospect and the agent every 30 minutes or so.
    I would advise the agent should narrow down the search by adding search parameters.



  • Within the specific prospect’s notification schedule includes a check box that sends a copy of what the prospect receives. This notification is addressed to the prospect and is in customer format. If you have your notifications set to send you your agent copy, you likely do not need a customer format copy.
    The “‘Also send me copies of the emails my prospect receives” check box is located within the specific prospect’s notification schedule settings.
    Click for a demonstration (it goes by really quickly but it repeats endlessly)
    Click for a step by step guide


  • You may also set a schedule to receive your Agent Copy prospect notifications by selecting 2 chosen times of day.


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