Within REsearch agents are attached to a few identifying numbers.

  • HIS ID
  • License number
  • Office ID
  • Office License number

When an agent’s account is created our membership department will usually assign their username to correspond with their current license number. The digits within the username is also known as their HIS ID.
License numbers can change. HIS ID’s cannot change.

HIS ID’s should be thought of as different from a license number.

HIS ID’s are a way for the system to track an agents history within the MLS system. You can find all of your history using your HIS ID from the beginning to the end of your membership and if you ever start again.
The same cannot be said about license numbers as these can change over time.


Here are a few examples on locating an agent’s identifying numbers:

MLS one liner license numbers:


MLS one liner license numbers and MLS IDs




MLS Mid:




Search Roster:





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