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1st Lender last sale

Lender of the first mortgage

The “last sale” data fields correspond with sales on the parcel.

REsearch also includes refinancing type loans. These would not correspond with a sale and therefore not be classified as “last sale”

1st Loan Amount last sale

Amount of the first mortgage

1st Loan Type last sale

The current loan type on the 1st mortgage

2nd Lender last sale

The Lender of the 2nd mortgage

2nd Loan Amount last sale

The amount of the 2nd mortgage at the time of conveyance

Loan Amount

Searches/Displays all loans based on the amount of the loan recorded; eg $100,000

These fields search/display all loan data including “time of sale” and refinancing

Loan Document Number

Document number of the mortgage in the regular system; eg DOC 03-187134

Loan LCD

Document number of the mortgage on Land Court title; eg LCD 3026744 TCT 673155

Loan Lender Name

Name of Lender; eg, FHB, Bank of Hawaii, etc. for all loans associated with the property. The loan may have since been refinanced or paid-in-full

Loan Lender Type

Type of Lender

Loan Recorded

Date the loan recorded; eg 11/13/2003

Loan Type

Search all loans based on the type of loan (conventional, FHA, VA, etc.)

Use the “last sale” fields to search loans associated with a sale on the parcel.
Use the “Loan” search fields to search all loans associated with a parcel (including “last sale”).


1st and 2nd are given their rank by their document numbers.

2nd loans are an additional loan at the time of the sale


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