It’s Time to Switch

Internet Explorer logoThe Internet Explorer web browser has been around since 1995, but today is used by fewer than 5 percent of users. Microsoft has discontinued development of Internet Explorer, and Internet Explorer 11 is the last version that will be released. If you are still using Internet Explorer, we strongly encourage you to switch to an alternative, modern browser.

Better Options

We suggest using Chrome, which works well with our services and is available for both Windows PCs and Macintosh computers. It is free, and stays current with modern web standards. It is the most popular browser on the internet and among our users:

Chrome iconDownload Chrome

Another option is Firefox.

Once you have installed Chrome or Firefox, you may want to set your computer to use them as your default browser so they open automatically when you click a link. Here are instructions on how to do so:

More on Internet Explorer

For more information on the retirement of Internet Explorer, please see the following resources:

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