Sometimes “extras” are added to your browser and they often come with side effects that negatively impact REsearch.

Please follow this guide in order to remove or disable them.

  • Click the Gear Icon located in the upper right section of Internet Explorer
  • Click Manage add-ons from the dropdown


  •  Look for anything named “toolbar” or “games” or hopefully you recognize the name of the exact add-on you are trying to remove.
  • Highlight the particular add-on to be removed.
  • Click Disable.
  • Repeat the process for any others you want to Disable.


Sometimes these things do not cooperate and you are unable to click the Disable button or they automatically Enable themselves after specifically telling them to disable. If this happens we will need to dig deeper into your system.
You may take a look at your Installed Programs (add/remove programs) and fully uninstall each program. If you would like assistance with this please give us a call.

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