How to clear your Internet Explorer’s cache

(we will be using Internet Explorer’s Menu Bar to complete these steps. If you do not see the Menu Bar across the top section of IE, please follow these instructions)


Step 1

  • Click Tools to open the dropdown
  • Click Internet Options


Step 2

  • Verify you are viewing the Internet Options window and are on the General tab.
  • Click on the Delete button
    You may also place a checkmark next to Delete browsing history on exit. This setting will automatically run the process you are now doing whenever you close Internet Explorer (recommended)


Step 3 

  • Make sure that there is NO CHECKMARK on Preserve Favorites website data (This setting has been problematic).
  • Verify or place a checkmark next to Temporary Internet files.
    Uncheck Cookies, History, Form Data, Passwords, InPrivate filtering data. These selections are not required to be checked or unchecked and will not affect REsearch either way. Keep or remove these at your own discretion.
  • Click on the Delete button (It may take a few moments depending upon the amount of data located within the folder)


All done!


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