Aloha and thank you for using the HIS Client Portal!

It is very likely you got here through a link in an email sent to you by your agent.

Clicking the link provided by your agent will open your personal Client Portal. No one except you and your agent will be able to see what your Client Portal contains.

There is no need to remember a login or password to access your personal Client Portal. The links provided by your agent are specific to you, and take you directly to your personal portal. It is a good idea to keep track of these emails, or bookmark your Client Portal in your browser.

You may also ask your agent to resend you the links.

Client Portal links sent via email will typically take you directly to a collection of listings provided by your agent. You can rate these listings, or initiate a chat with your agent on a specific listing. Your agent will be able to see your ratings, which will allow them to better understand your likes and dislikes.

Once you are finished viewing the collection, you may want to view your Client Portal dashboard:


The Client Portal dashboard will group listings in a variety of ways.

Rating listings will group them nicely for you, they can then be quickly accessed right from your homepage. 



Located in the upper right corner is the Notifications icon. Notifications will show changes made to your Client Portal by your agent.


On the Client Portal dashboard, you can click the arrows on either side of the photo to scroll through the listings within each collection. Click on the image to view the specific listing shown.

Click on the lower blue section to view the entire collection.


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