Saving a frequently used search is really easy and comes in handy all the time.

Saving a search

Method 1

Step 1 – Enter your search parameters
2015-05-08 10_59_11-REsearch 6


Step 2 – Click Save Search, located in the lower right section of the search page


Step 3 – Give your search a unique name, click Save when done.



Method 2

Locate and click the “Search History” tab


Locate the search to be saved. Give it a name and click the heart icon to save.
*note: the search will only show up on this list after it has been used



Loading a saved search

Step 1 – Click My Saved Searches, located in the upper right section of the search page


Step 2 – Locate the search you wish to use. Click the appropriate Run this search now button.
2015-05-08 11_28_12-REsearch 6


Done! You should see your search parameters populated in the search fields. Run the search as you normally would.



*Tip: This is very useful if using a mobile device. Simply create your searches on a desktop/laptop computer and when out in the field pull up your saved searches for quick and easy access.



*Tip: You may also clean up your saves by clicking the red and white X to delete old unwanted searches.

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  1. India PAige


    No Save Search Button onbottom right on computers
    windows OS
    No Icon on tablet, or mobile

    • Raun



      The only thing we can think of is you may be attempting to locate the Save Search button while looking at the search results page. Please save your search on the search field entry page.

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