Classic Vs. Wizard
The Wizard includes additional steps to include photos, addenda, etc.
Classic is the listing input form only

Here are the steps to placing a listing on the MLS using the Wizard.

1. In the Main Menu expand the Listings category and select New Listing.


You will be presented with a choice between Classic and Wizard Forms.
Our example will use the Wizard Forms (required only).

2. Select Wizard Forms – Required Only
The only fields displayed using this option are the required fields. If you wish to input other information please select Full.


Step 1 of the Wizard
Enter your taxkey and verify the (your) listing ID. Click Next when ready.


Step 2 of the Wizard
At the top of the listing form you will see the primary listing agent’s information. If needed, click the Add Colistor button in order to add as many secondary agents as needed.


4. The first step on the actual listing form will be to select a Property Type.
The different Property Types will dynamically show/hide various fields. If you skip the Property Type field you will miss fields.
Ex. If you do not check the Residential Property Type you will not be able to enter beds and baths.


5. Required fields are indicated by the red asterisk. Please fill in all required fields.
*Tip: Hover your mouse over the fields in order to view help bubbles
2015-05-13 09_26_18-REsearch 6


6. After all required fields have been populated scroll back to the top of the form. Click the next button.


Step 3 of the Wizard
The photo loader. Please read and agree to the statement if you wish to upload photos at this time. Click Continue after agreeing to access the photo loader.
Your New MLS# can also be seen here.
You may click Next to proceed to the last step now or after uploading photos.


Step 4 of the Listing Wizard
– Select to either place the listing on Hold or release it to Active.

You may also attach various extras to the listing from here. Remember to use the back button after attaching an Addenda, Tour, Open house, or more photos.


Done! You now have an MLS number with the listing either in Hold or Active status.




Show All Fields/Show Only Required
In case you would like to add information, such as remarks, etc., to the listing while in the Wizard’s required only mode click the Show All Fields button. The button is located a at the top of the listing page.
show all

Tab Options:
While using the listing form you may use the Tab key to jump to the next field. Located in the upper left of the form is the Tab Options button. You may choose how the Tab button functions here. Choose from jumping to All Fields, All Required Fields or Empty Required Fields only.

Expanding and collapsing sections
Located to the right of each section header is a + or – button. Clicking these will expand or collapse the section making for a cleaner form when working on particular sections.


Where are my beds and baths?
The beds, baths, and interior(living) area are located in the Building section. Be sure to expand the Building Section as well as Building #1 to see the fields.
Only use the Green Add Building button when adding a 2nd and so forth building.






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